Heal with Nature – Pure CBD 2021 Review: Extract Labs CBD

by BM Innovations on October 09, 2023

Heal with Nature – Pure CBD 2021 Review: Extract Labs CBD 


Extract Labs is a company that claims to produce the highest quality CBD products. They make sure that the prices of the products are low and all the steps of the production are in house.  

CEO of Extract Labs Craig Henderson developed an interest in cannabis' medicinal potential after serving in Iraq. Craig began his hemp-oil extraction in his garage with just what he needed and soon thereafter, Extract Labs came into being.  


What products does Extract Labs CBD sell?


Extract Lab's CBD tinctures are CO2 extracted and ensure great value and quality. The users get the liberty to pick from full spectrum, THC free and extra strength CBD tinctures. The tinctures are available in several different flavors as well.  


The Extract Lab gummies are super delicious. These are a perfect snack to carry with you specially when you are on the go. The gummies are infused with premium CO2 extract CBD. They will not only satisfy your sugar cravings but will also prove to be affective. You can get your hands on multiple fruity flavors.  


Extract Labs has come up with CBD soft gel capsules. These are full spectrum and contain less than 0.3% THC. These 1000 mg CBD capsules are highly recommended for those who intend to ingest a powerful dose for medicinal purposes. The Extract Lab CBD capsules are highly effective for pain, inflammation, insomnia and many other health related issues.  
Extract Labs is known to produce high-quality CBD topical products as well. They are made with organic ingredients and are whipped together in a way to preserve the benefits of CBD.  

Muscle Cream

All those people who suffer from muscle aches on a daily basis due to high physical activity or any other issue can greatly benefit from the Extract Labs Muscle Cream. Even the professional athletes use this product for pain relief. It is a reliable pain relief that doesn’t cause long term side effects. This highly effective product is an amalgamation of CBD, cooling menthol and herbaceous arnica. Just make sure to not apply it on broken skin.   

Rescue Rub

The Extract lab Rescue Rub is made with 1000mg CBG and 1000mg CBD, along with natural herbs. All the natural products combine to work as magic. It is THC free, vegan and cruelty free. Along with that, it is also paraben and gluten free. Rescue Rub when used topically can instantly provide pain relief. Just make sure to stop its use in case any allergic reaction or irritation is caused.  

Chocolate Bar

The Extract Lab chocolate bars are created with using the premium quality chocolate of Peak Extracts. Different chocolate bars have different cannabinoids. The THC free, CBD chocolate bar is rich in flavor. 70% dark chocolate and 93mg CBD is used in its creation. This chocolate bar is full of antioxidants and is vegan and gluten-free.  

Extract Tank

Extract labs produces high quality distilled cartridges that are blended with flavorful terpenes. The extract tanks are available in different flavors that the users can pick out according to their desire. The full spectrum extract tanks are designed to give the users an amazing vape experience.  


Are Extract Labs legit? 

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Extract Labs is a safe, reputable and veteran-owned CBD brand. With their impressive offering, they are different from most other leading brands. The company also offers a wide variety of concentrates and vape cartridges, in addition to tinctures and topicals. Due to this, the Extracts Labs CBD products are quite popular.  

They are committed to ensuring quality by conducting lab testing on their products. Lab results from third parties are available by batch on their website. Since each product has a batch number printed on the label, you can also find the lab report for your specific product. The company's products are made from organically grown hemp grown in the United States. 


Does CBD extract really work? 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound that can be extracted from cannabis. There were numerous CBD studies conducted between the 1970's and 1980's to investigate its role in psychoactivity and impairment. During CBD research in the 80s, it was discovered that THC is associated with getting one "high" and interfering with one's abilities. CBD, however, acts in reverse. Raphael Mechoulam conducted a clinical trial at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the 1980s that gave important clues about CBD's ability to suppress epilepsy.  

Psychiatric and neurological conditions and diseases can be treated with cannabidiol (CBD) since it has been shown to be beneficial. Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound obtained from cannabis plants, has generated a great deal of interest because of its medicinal potential. Skin disorders and cosmetic disorders can be treated anecdotally with it. Hence, it does work to reduce the symptoms of inflammation, skin disorders, anxiety, epilepsy and even depression.  


How long does it take for CBD extract to work? 

When starting out with CBD, it's important to know that its effects take a few days to become apparent. However, with consistent use of CBD products the effects become more apparent. After vaping or ingesting CBD sublingually, you will begin to feel its effects within 15 minutes. Topical products and edibles can take up to two hours to kick in. 


How does CBD extract make you feel? 

Upon taking CBD, you'll likely feel extremely relaxed, pain-free, and even less anxious. It is reported that fatigue symptoms disappear once you pass the 2–3-week mark. Unless your doctor directs you otherwise, try lowering your dose or talking to your doctor. Some people even start sleeping better because their cortisol levels are declined during the night time due to the use of CBD products. Hence, better sleep at night, relaxed body, better mood and even less pain is experienced by those who use CBD products. CBD topical products help in pain relief and show visible results.  


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