Top THC Vendors of 2022

by BM Innovations on October 09, 2023

Delta 8 THC (Δ8THC or D8) is additionally called Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol and is one of the numerous cannabinoids present in weed. 

It's firmly connected with delta 9 THC, the essential psychoactive part of marijuana. It covers a very little portion so by isomerization most D8 is changed from hemp-derived CBD.

List of top THC Vendors

Now let's discover the top Delta 8 THC sales vendors of 2022;


  1. Secret Nature − Pure organic & international shipping
  2. Exhale Wellness − Best among all 
  3. Moonwlkr − Award-winning terpenes and unique branding
  4. Delta Extrax − Easy on your budget hemp products 
  5. Diamond CBD − Multiple entrusted brands with thousand-plus products

Now we are going to briefly cover all of them:


  1. Secret Nature:

Secret Nature's target is to take you above the ordinary high associated with cannabis items. Furthermore, they do this by utilizing just natural ingredients to give you the best quality Delta 8 THC items.

While purchasing online above $75, you'll get free & fast shipping. For a 20% discount, you would need to subscribe to the site!


  1. Exhale Wellness

Indeed the best among all the Delta 8 vendors in 2022!

The producer focuses basically on Delta 8 hemp-determined items, guaranteeing that you get the best natural sort of cannabinoids. They likewise integrate manageable farming strategies to reduce the effect on the surroundings.

You'll get a 20% discount on your first purchase online and on every order, you can avail 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. Moonwlkr

Looking for the most high-quality hemp products? Well, Moonwlkr must be your go-to in 2022!

By consolidating award-winning terpenes and delightful flavors in extraordinary custom mixes to analyze the elements of taste, moonwalker does the job perfectly. You get all your well-known lab-tried Delta 8 THC items, including probably the best Delta 8 edibles, packs, vape cartridges, and dispensable vapes.

You'll experience fast delivery online and a refund policy in case of any damage, furthermore ordering more than $50 eliminates the shipping charges.


  1. Delta Extrax

Like many other vendors, Delta Extrax is a trustworthy organization that sells superior, regular Delta 8 THC. The organization removes its delta 8 from nearby hemp sources to convey the most ideal items, with no hurtful synthetics and no unfriendly impacts.

The brand brags about a wide reach of Delta 8 THC items. Also, their edibles are probably the most reasonable available in the market, which is the reason most clients love this brand.

You can avail 15% discount on its official website with coupon Paradise15.


  1. Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD works with the most respectable researchers and scientists to bring you creative items, including THC and CBD.

The organization gives its best to offer reasonable but more excellent items.

They've been around for quite a long time; Delta 8 is a somewhat new pursuit for them.

For online orders, they have amazing shipping! You can avail of free shipping anywhere on the globe and will receive the order in 5 days approx with a 30 day return policy.