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Breeze Disposable Pens


“Too much of a good thing” is not in our vocabulary. Cornucopia is, though. So enjoy this cornucopia of flavorful pens. Make them last and use each one individually or try the “not so much a breeze, more a heavy wind” method and enjoy all 4 at the same time.


mai tai breeze pen

a little sweet. a little tart. and a lot of “dang. this actually tastes like a real mai tai. wait...did they just take a pen and fill it with mai tai? maybe i can pop it open and sip on it like a mini cocktail.”

bad idea, friend. just enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

pineapple breeze pen

so fresh, so tropical, so...pineapple. take a pull and boom. you’re in a hawaiian shirt and sandals, bartering with a beach vendor who just keeps repeating the phrase “for you, special price mon.

it’s paradise in a pen, baby.

pomelo breeze pen

kinda like a grapefruit if you told the bitter taste to get lost. pomelo is one of the original citrus species, meaning most other citrus fruits are just a bunch of wannabes.

the thing’s just got big citrus energy...its scientific name is citrus maxima for pete’s sake.

tropicana breeze pen

you know that moment when you’re peeling an orange and a sweet, citrusy spray gently mists across your face? yeah well, we bottled that moment up and stuck it in a pen.

no more orange peel in your fingernails. you’re welcome.


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