Dosist Topicals | Relief Roll On 500mg CBD:CBG - Isolate


Dosist Tinctures | Relief On 500mg CBD:CBG - Isolate

Concentration: 500mg CBD : 50mg CBG

Other active ingredients: wintergreen, camphor, and ginger

What is it:
The relief topical roll-on delivers a high-concentration, lightweight oil in a convenient roll-on format combining soothing cbd and cbg cannabinoids to help with aches and pains.

Good for:
Help with physical aches and pains especially neck, shoulder, back, knee and elbow inflammation.

How to use:
Apply roll-on applicator directly to affected area and massage into the skin. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. Apply as often as needed.

Formula difference.

dosist thc-free formulas use pure hemp cannabinoid isolates (cbd, cbg and cbn), measured in specific ratio combinations and formulated into high concentration blends. We use a proprietary self-emulsifying technology in our sublingual formulas which activates under the tongue to create a faster onset and a consistent experience, and our formulas are made with less oil per dose and a simple, clean ingredient list.

Pure isolate cbd.

Hemp cannabinoids can be harvested in several ways - isolate, distolate or full spectrum - and our thc-free formulas are always made from isolate cannabinoids (isolated rather than distilled) to ensure the purest selection and lowest possible contamination from thc, terpenes or plant matter that might interfere with performance.


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