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Sweet & Salty Twist puts a savory spin on our creamy milk chocolate with a mix of crispy pretzel pieces, crushed peanuts, buttery toffee clusters, and a pinch of sea salt. Infused with our premium hemp, this delightful delicacy is comfort food for your body and soul.

Toasty Mole combines our signature dark chocolate with toasted almonds, crunchy clusters of buttery toffee, a dash of sea salt, and the complex flavors of our molé blend. Infused with our premium hemp, this spicy treat will power you through your day.

Sweet Heat features our creamy milk chocolate, combined with caramel crunch, a hint of sea salt, and the subtle sizzle of cascabel chili. Infused with our premium hemp, this decadent treat is an exotic escape from the daily grind.

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups feature savory almond butter, our signature dark chocolate, and premium Full-Spectrum Hemp-Extract – these sophisticated sweets are a tranquil twist on a timeless treat.


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