Irwin Naturals CBD Oil Tincture | 250mg CBD - Full Spectrum

Irwin Naturals

Irwin Naturals CBD Oil Tincture | 250mg - Full Spectrum

Size: 30ml

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil

Plant-derived, full-spectrum hemp extract oils with naturally occurring Hemp Extract.
Discover which Full-Spectrum Hemp oil is right for you

We’ve carefully crafted a variety of unique and delicious flavors using only high quality ingredients to enhance your experience. Each of our oils includes a twist of flavor that effectively reduces the intensity of the natural hemp flavor without compromising potency. For those who prefer unflavored Oil, you’re not alone! We created an unflavored option for you too!

Finally, a Oil that is not only tolerable, but truly ENJOYABLE to consume!

  • Each 1 oz. bottle contains over 20 daily servings of hemp extract
  • Made from High-Quality Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract sourced in the USA
  • We use 3rd party testing to ensure THC levels are at trace amounts less than 0.3%
  • Our Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract is delivered in a nutritious and unrefined, C old-pressed hemp seed oil that boasts a balanced-spectrum of essential fatty acids (EFAs)


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