Lobo Hemp Wolf Pack Pre Rolls | Variety of strains 7 pack 8.4g

Pure CBD

Lobo Wolf Pack | Variety of strains 7 pack 8.4g - Outdoor, Greenhouse, and Indoor

Outdoor Strains: Lifter, Suver Haze

Greenhouse Strains: CBG White, Cali Bubba, Early Nueve, OG

Indoor: Purple Geleto, Sour Lifter, Lemonhead Kush

Always roll with a pack. The Hemp Wolfpack features 7 premium hemp flower joints – locked and loaded for anything and everything the week (or weekend) has to throw at you. Over a gram each ensures you have plenty to share. Made with high potency, terpene rich indoor flower – always organic. Simply the best the plant has to offer – you deserve it.

The Lobo Hemp Wolfpack has a 7 individual 1.2 gram pre-rolls. 8.4 grams of flower total.

  • Made by our professional rollers
  • 8.4 grams of premium hemp flower
  • Hemp paper cones
  • 100% pure product lab tested with every batch
  • Legal in 50 states


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