Pachamama CBD Oil Tincture | Kava Kava + Valarian CBD - Full Spectrum


Pachamama Tincture | Kava Kava + Valarian - Full Spectrum CBD

Available: 750mg - 25mg/ml and 1750mg - 59mg/ml

Relax with this award-winning fusion that washes a sense of calmness over your mind for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. 

Kava has a rich history of promoting a blissful state of mind while connecting the soul to Mother Earth. Valerian root is a natural sleep aid that works symbiotically with your body's chemistry to foster feelings of tranquility.

Kava Kava Root: Kava root washes a sense of calmness over the mind by stimulating the production of GABA waves and decreasing overstimulation within the brain.

Valerian: Valerian root helps you get to sleep and stay asleep by working with your body’s chemistry to inspire a sense of tranquility.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Kava Kava Root Extract, Valerian Root Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, <.3% THC

Suggested Use:

Start low and go slow. Dispense 1 serving up to 2 times daily or as needed. For rapid absorption, hold the liquid under your tongue for 60 seconds before ingesting. Safe to add to food or non-alcoholic beverages if preferred for consumption.


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