Prima Skincare | Enlightenment Niacinamide Serum 100mg CBD - Broad Spectrum


Prima | Enlightenment Niacinamide Serum 100mg CBD - Broad Spectrum


True to its name, this lightweight, concentrated serum works magic to smooth and brighten skin from deep within by combatting the effects of oxidation and environmental stress. Broad spectrum CBD reduces the appearance of discoloration, uneven texture, and redness, while niacinamide refines the look of pores and brightens dullness. To combat moisture loss, Pentavitin® - a unique saccharide complex - provides up to 72 hours of lightweight hydration and our targeted hyaluronic acid duo plumps and infuses skin with vital hydration. Finally, a nutrient-dense, cold-processed coconut juice with antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamin C provides free-radical protection against environmental stressors. It’s the vital nutrient cocktail your skin needs to look and feel completely revitalized.


Visibly brighten, refine pores and even skin tone with this synergistically formulated CBD serum featuring potent niacinamide (vitamin B), clinically proven Pentavitin® for lasting hydration, and antioxidants to restore nutrients and rehab skin.

  • Whole-Plant Hemp Extract: Calms and balances by supporting skin barrier function and and reduces the appearance of discoloration, texture and redness for a healthy-looking complexion.
  • Niacinimide (Vitamin B3): Refines the look of pores, reduces the appearance of discoloration, improves skin resilience, brightens and fights dullness for radiant, even skin tone.
  • Saccharide Complex: Powered by Pentavitin®, a unique, skin-identical carbohydrate complex that provides intense hydration for up to 72 hours and supports healthy skin-barrier function.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A superior skin-replenishing ingredient, known for its ability to hold 1000x its weight in water, has a duo of low and high molecular weights help to plump and surround the skin with hydration
  • Coconut Fruit Juice: Cold-processed juice of ripened coconuts retains valuable nutrients (including antioxidants, electrolytes, and vitamin C) to provide free-radical protection against environmental stressors


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