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Pure Ratios Capsules

Pure Ratios

Pure Ratios Move Formula uses four adaptogenic Chinese herbs to support muscle and joint health. We’ve synergized highly bioavailable, water-soluble hemp CBD with turmeric, red peony, schisandra, and ginger for greater mobility and overall well-being. Please enjoy.

• Formulated with Adaptogenic Herbs, Mushrooms & CBD
• Supports Balance & Restoration
• Promotes Health & Vitality
• Water Soluble Fast Absorption
• 15 mg of CBD Hemp Per Serving (1 Serving = 3 Capsules)

In the Spirit of Shennong

Pure Ratios Essentials were made in the spirit of Shennong, a legendary Chinese ruler, whose name literally means “Divine Farmer”. Shennong named a special class of herbs “superior herbs,” known today as “adaptogens.” The Divine Farmer found that when consumed individually, adaptogens may not have much effect, but with proper formulation, incredible results happen. Shennong’s gifts to humanity laid the basis for our unique and synergistic approach to CBD hemp today.


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