Everything You Need To Know About CBD Edibles

by BM Innovations on October 09, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Edibles 


The use and accessibility of CBD Edibles has been growing both in the United States and around the world, and experts don’t expect the sudden surge in popularity to slow down anytime soon.

CBD interacts with out Endocannabinoid System, or ECS for short.  This system is responsible for regulating a different process  within our bodies, like our appetite, pain, immune function, mood, sleep, hormones and more! 

CBD helps restore our bodies homeostatic balance, which explains why consumers are engrossed with feelings of well-being, reduced stress, and an overall sense of calm after taking the supplement.

To learn more about the benefits of CBD oil, check out HealthLine's article; 'CBD Oil Benefits'

There are different variations of CBD.  For example CBD isolates are 100% THC free.  Full Spectrum CBD are made using full spectrum hemp extract, which contains THC levels of less than 0.3%.  Broad Spectrum products contain additional cannabinoids, but no THC. Due to a lack of regulation, companies and consumers sometimes confuse these terms — particularly broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate — and use them incorrectly.

For more information on the different variations of CBD, please reference the section below:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: This CBD contains all the phytochemicals that occur naturally in the cannabis plant, such as various other cannabinoids, terpenes, and oils. It also contains some trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that produces the “high” effect.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: This CBD contains all the phytochemicals that are in the cannabis plant but no THC.
  • CBD isolate: CBD isolate is the pure form of CBD.


Pros and Cons of CBD Edibles


  • CBD edibles can provide a wonderful tasting alternative to CBD oils
  • Most edibles are predosed to a specific concentration
  • Edibles are a quick, convenient, and super easy to use method for taking in CBD
  • The effects of CBD edibles can potentially be longer lasting than other types of CBD products


  • CBD edibles, like CBD gummies, can be made at home using simple, easy to use ingredients
  • A percentage of the CBD concentration present in the edible will be lost due to our bodies natural digestive process
  • The effects of CBD edibles can take longer to kick in than other types of delivery methods
  • Some edibles are loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar


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