Heal With Nature - Pure CBD 2021 Review: Bloom Farms

by BM Innovations on October 09, 2023

Heal With Nature - Pure CBD 2021 Review: Bloom Farms


Bloom Farms products are considered premium CBD Products – their packaging is exceptional, their pens are simple and their cannabis oil is reliable with a signature taste.

As a company, Bloom Farms strives to benefit their larger community by making it part of their mission to end hunger in California and legitimize the cannabis industry nation-wide.

Can you buy Bloom Farm vape cartridges online?

Yes, you can buy Bloom Farm vape cartridges online. To purchase Bloom Farm products, check out our premium CBD product line today!

Buying a CBD product from Bloom Farms means you have just donated a meal to a food-deficit family or a single person. This spreads positive feelings and attitudes toward buying CBD. They aim to grant millions of individuals a calm, comfortable, imaginative, and enjoyable life.

This brand is connected with the cannabis industry heritage and culture of California, and they try to implement them in a national brand within one of the most powerful industries. Bloom Farms' main purpose is to provide clean, authentic, and supreme products. They have conducted thorough research of the supply chain and made sure to source their materials from trustworthy farmers. Furthermore, they possess excellent hardware, and continually test their products.


Are Bloom Farm cartridges safe?

Vaping is almost certainly not completely safe, but the risk is more in line with those that come from heavily regulated medications and daily activities. 

The studies surrounding CBD and the effects of smoke inhalations from vape pens is still in its infancy.  As such, more concrete studies would need to be conducted in order to give a definitive answer. 

Bloom Farms CEO Michael Ray offered a good snapshot of how little we know: "Well, what I can say is that we feel...Common sense leads to low-temperature vaporization being exponentially safer than the inhalation of smoke."

He's not wrong — vaping does "feel" safer, both perceptually and in practice. "When I smoke cannabis, my respiratory system just doesn't feel right," he said. "I get inflammation in my respiratory system, it feels like to me. This is evident when I go to sleep at night — I don't sleep well, and I'll snore. With vaping, I don't get any of those negative side effects that I get with smoking."

That is, of course, anecdotal. No studies are comparing the health effects of vaporizing cannabis oil with traditional cannabis consumption (smoking plant matter).

"Cannabis has very limited data behind it as it is because of the inability to do any real testing in a professional setting," Savannah Hanks of Dark Heart said. Her company, along with Bloom Farms, uses third-party testing services like CW Analytical to assure their products are meeting the standards they set. But, even in California, no regulations are governing what can and can't be in cannabis oil.


How long do Bloom Farm cartridges last?

For best results when using your Bloom Brand Vape cartridge, follow the instructions and tips below:

1. Keep your cartridge out of the sun and heat.

It is very important to avoid leaving your cartridge in any direct sunlight or heat. Both can cause damage to your vape by causing it to crack or leak.

2. Take a ‘dry hit’ before using your vape.

Before connecting your cartridge to the battery, we advise taking a draw from the cartridge without the battery. This is known as a ‘dry hit,’ and is done to ensure proper airflow.

3. Try not to blow into your cartridge.

To avoid clogging the airway, always pull from your vape, rather than blow into it. If you are experiencing oil in the airway, try a dry hit (explained above).

4. Make sure you have the right battery.

For best results, we advise using a Bloom Battery Kit when vaping the Bloom Brand cartridge, as they are specially designed to heat our oil at the perfect temperature. If using an alternative battery, please remember to keep the voltage on the battery below 3.7volts(6watts) to avoid burning the coil and wick.