Hemp Rolls Cigarettes | 20 pack

Hemp Rolls

Hemp Rolls Cigarettes | 20 pack 

Hemp Rolls Hemp Cigarettes will elevate your smoking experience! Made from sun grown, CBD rich flower, you’ll discover the real difference in our product.

Hemp Cigarettes are high in CBD while low in THC levels. No Addictive tobacco. No pesticides. Everything you want, nothing you don’t.

  • 20 Pre-Rolled Hemp Cigarettes
  • Made in the USA

Hemp Rolls Hemp Cigarettes are made from sun grown, high grade CBD flower. You’ll enjoy an elevated smoking experience. Plus our hemp cigarettes are tobacco free, additive free, and third party tested.

Hemp Rolls strives to give you great products for a good price. All of our hemp cigarettes to CBD rich joints use artisanal hemp flower; you’ll never get bottom of the barrel shake like you do with competitors.

Try our Hemp Rolls Hemp Cigarettes today so you can see the difference. Smoke em if you got em!


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